Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment
for Quaker Leadership

Last updated Aug 29, 2017


The Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker leadership is a commemorative fund which exists to encourage development of Quaker leadership. Inspired by the Picketts’ example and rooted in historic Quaker values, the Pickett Endowment seeks to fund—whole or in part—self chosen projects which serve to nourish leadership among Quakers of all traditions and which have potential to make a contribution to our society and the betterment of humankind.

Nominations Needed

Clarence Pickett

In the spirit of Clarence Pickett's inspired example, the Pickett Endowment board of trustees seeks from all Quaker traditions the nomination of individual Quakers who show promise and potential as a Quaker leader. Upon receiving a nomination, the nominee is then invited by the trustees to submit an application for a grant from the Pickett Endowment.

A limited number of grants (averaging from $500 to $3000+) are available each year to individuals showing unique promise for Quaker leadership. Grants are not made to fund academic study; the focus of the Pickett Endowment grant is for "hands on" service and research projects directly related to the quality and betterment of life for all humankind.

The board of trustees uses the following broad considerations in review of the applications:

Grant Cycle
The Pickett Endowment grant cycle begins October 1 and closes December 15 with nominations of individuals. Nominees will receive an invitation to apply for a grant from the Pickett trustees. Grant applications are received until February 15 and will be reviewed by the trustees in February/March with grantees selected by March 15.